At the research station northwest of York, (Region 5) we have 1000 acres of uniform, well-drained silt loam soil. We also have a loamy sand site, which is located on the Platte River bottom approximately 30 miles north of York and a third site located 50 miles west in Region 7.  With an abundant supply of ground water, we are able to irrigate 100% of the acreage.  All of our land area is owned and operated by management; therefore, we have complete control of all projects from start to finish.  However, we do have the ability to conduct off-station projects.  Although corn and soybean crops are the major crops grown in the area, we are also able to evaluate many of the secondary crops, which are commercially grown in Nebraska.

BUILDINGS Office facilities for all personnel are located on the York farm site. Separate buildings for equipment, chemical and residue sample storage help in maintaining equipment as well as reducing contamination possibilities.  

EQUIPMENT All commercial or custom built machinery necessary for soil preparation, planting, spraying, irrigation, and harvesting of small plots or larger acreages is available.