Experience & Quality

Having been established in 1963, Midwest Research was one of the pioneers in contract research. We have 10 full-time staff with over 100 years of experience in agricultural research. Over the years, consistency and confidentiality has been our priority. As industry changes, we strive to make the necessary improvements and adjustments for our clientele and provide the data you need when you need it.


Jess SpotanskiFarm Manager/Research Biologistjess@midwestresearchinc.com
Kathy SpotanskiOffice Managerkathy@midwestresearchinc.com
Jim KoesterResearch Biologist/ Efficacy Trial Managerjim@midwestresearchinc.com
Stacy GieckQuality Assurancestacy@midwestresearchinc.com
Mike KleinschmitResearch Biologistmike@midwestresearchinc.com
Leah FischerResearch Biologistleah@midwestresearchinc.com